Ron Carlo and Carl went on vacation to Playa del Carmen, Mexico.  Here are a few pics of their shenanigans…

Ron Carlo had a few glasses of wine at the airport bar to calm his nerves about flying.

He made sure to get a window seat.

This was Carl’s first ride in an airplane. He was trying to play it cool, but he was super excited.

They made a new friend on the plane. (Hi, Blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaake!!)

They drank some Mexican beers as soon as they landed.

They had fun posing with the swan towel in their hotel room. (Mexican beer makes everything more fun!)


Ron Carlo got a little dizzy after riding the swan so he had a snack to soak up some of the alcohol.

Carl loved Mamitas Beach and all the ladies in their bikinis.

Ron Carlo liked the feeling of the sand in his toes.

Carl and Ron Carlo’s favorite drink was vodka pineapple. They loved how light and refreshing it was.

They thought this No Hot Dog sign was funny. (Pineapple vodka makes everything seem funny!)

Carl was sad to leave Mexico but he has many amazing memories of his trip.